The need to be clean! Freshen your inventory with a thorough clean up. It’s the right time to show off Earth Rugs! Give us some love. Treat each item with care, like your beloved companions who get dropped off for grooming. If your groomer didn’t remain vigilant about cleanliness your pet could be exposed to Kennel Cough! Create a tidy, well-lit, positive shopping experience that people will return to and tell their friends about (just like their favorite pet groomer).

We expect nothing less than a welcoming face with a warm greeting, an inviting entrance and a clean environment for our pets at our local groomer. Why shouldn’t we expect the same walking in to spend our hard earned cash? Clear the clutter and see what you get!

Like your local groomer, repeat business is what you want along with referrals. Make an effort to energize your best selling items by bringing them front and center. Display is key. The truth is, they haven’t bought it because they haven’t seen it. Like “Treats” sold at my local Pet Groomer, they are displayed so they can’t be missed. We suggest the same sales psychology for Earth Rugs:

  1. Hang Rugs (they’re much easier to see hung than stacked)
  2. Counter Top Display (such as our ironwork stand near your cash wrap)
  3. Put a Bow on It! (4 individual coasters tied together with a bow)

When you sell Earth Rugs, create a demand where there was not one before by starting with smalls. Package them creatively near your cash wrap to attract an impulse buy using jute twine or a pretty ribbon.

Simply tie a natural jute string around a customized set of four coasters, place a small braided basket in the restroom filled with potpourri or use a braided trivet beneath a fresh vase of flowers to create appealing interest for a conversation near your entrance.

Always keep your walkway in front of your store clear of snow, add a pop of interest at your entry like fresh flowers and put Earth Rugs front and center like Treats!

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