Braided Rug Cleaning with Water and Fresh Air

Usually the only problem with braided rugs is the accumulation of dirt in the small threads. If the rug needs to be cleaned or a recent spill has occurred, place your rug outside over a picnic table or chaise lounge and sponge with mild liquid detergent like the original, Woolite® Delicates Laundry Detergent. Turn on the water hose and rinse. Allow the rug to dry outside in fresh air. Do not leave your rug outside overnight but rather bring your rug inside before sunset (unless its wet or damp). It can be left to dry flat in a screened porch area.


Braided Rug Cleaning with Snow

With two to five inches of new snow, find a clean fresh area (at least twice as large as the rug). Lay rug flat on the clean snow and pack the rug down into the snow by walking over it, apply extra pressure where needed and keep your balance! The extra pressure will pack snow into the tiny crevices where dirt and grime deposits are in the small threads of your braided rug. Flip the rug onto its opposite side in another area of clean fresh snow then sweep the top with a stiff cornhusk broom briskly. You should be able to see the dirty snow swept off. Repeat procedure on the opposite side of your braided rug and repeat once again on both sides, if desired. Your rug should not be wet! If the snow is fresh, dry and powdery your rug is ready to go back on the floor inside. If you have any doubt about it, simply leave your rug to dry draped over a chair or picnic table for a day or your rug can be laid flat to dry on a covered porch or screened in area to prevent the curiosity of neighbors or wild animals!


Braided Rug Cleaning with a Rug Beater

Your braided rug(s) can be rolled to get them outdoors and then draped over a fence or a clothesline. Draping your rug across the center will expose each side equally for beating. Apply eye protection, such as sunglasses and wrap a bandana or use a mask to filter and protect your nose and mouth from flying dirt and debris! Use a long arm rattan or wire rug beater found at a local antique shop or perhaps in your grandmother’s attic. Beat each side of your braided rug vigorously by swinging the rug beater towards the rug on both sides. Flip the rug and repeat until clean. Once clean, remove your braided rug from the draped area and shake it out (size permitting). Return your clean braided rug to your floor inside. Please note, this is the method of cleaning is recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Braided Rug Cleaning by a Professional

We recommend having your braided rug professionally dry-cleaned once every one to two years. This extends the life of your braided rugs! They will look newer longer.


Braided Rug Maintenance

Braided Rugs can be rotated to extend their life and can also be flipped from one side to another (yes, even our printed rugs). This not only extends its wear it extends the seasons you can use your braided rugs. High traffic areas will create uneven wear if you do not change its position occasionally (just like rotating tires on your car). Redistribute the traffic pattern on your rug by simply rotating them occasionally.

Rug Smells can linger on any rug, including on braided rugs, regardless of the fiber content. Experts recommend Febreze to neutralize odors. Alternately, a spray bottle filled with water and essential oils works wonders to pleasantly and naturally scent your braided rug!

DIY Rug Spray (Recipe 1):

1 Cup Water

2 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

1 Drop Lemon Essential Oil

Add Water to Spray Bottle. Add Essential Oil Drops in order, one by one. Shake to mix well for each usage. Best made fresh and used frequently around the house.

DIY Rug Spray (Recipe 2):

1 Cup Water

2 Drops Thyme Essential Oil

2 Drops Tea Tree Oil

1 Drop Rose Oil

Add Water to Spray Bottle. Add Essential Oil Drops in order, one by one. Shake to mix well for each usage. Best made fresh and used frequently around the house.

Note, above recipes can be simply sprayed lightly above a rug prior to guests arriving in your home or once a week to scent your rug. Alternately, the above recipes can be used to lightly spray and sponge an odor or a spill quickly for spot cleaning your rug.


Please note the cleaning tips do not all apply to heirloom, vintage or antique rugs. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions or consult with a textile cleaning professional. If you use any procedure noted here, as a non-professional cleaner, be advised that you do so at your own risk. Earth Rugs® and its assigns assume no liability for any action(s) taken by you or anyone who may use this information to remove a spot, spill, stain, or other blemish from any of your properties rugs, floors, furnishings, walls, or belongings of any kind.


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