George Washington shared the same love of Floor Cloths as we do today. His Floor Cloths were painted on canvases at Mount Vernon. Our Floor Cloths are painted on jute braided rug canvases. Floor Cloths are transformed into Designer Rugs using our exclusive hand stenciling technique.

Today designer rugs are reinterpreted by hand, one rug at a time, making each rug an original work of art. The results are Designer Rugs that protect the floors of today.

Join Earth Rugs® and early floor cloth curators, including George Washington at Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson at Monticello and John Adams at the White House, for your love of Designer Rugs!

C-357 Burgundy Star

Original Floor Cloths from the eighteenth century can be seen on exhibit at both the Melrose antebellum home in Natchez Mississippi and the Colonial Williamsburg Museum in Williamsburg, Virginia.


Our first floor cloth using a jute braided rug as a canvas!


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