Braided Rugs are trending because they represent a simpler time, one of comfort, love and joy. Time well spent with family and friends at home is savored, like comfort food.

In the nineteenth century the craft of braiding began in homes across America by upcycling old coats and tattered clothes into practical rugs to protect and warm the floor. The craft began in New England and spread across America on covered wagons with the early settlers. Each cloth was reimagined with fond memories into a braided rug. Braiding was often a family endeavor, along side the hearth with everyone taking part after dinner. Braided Rugs emerged on the frontier and yet retain their rugged individual style today.

Technically a braid is made by overlapping one strand over another, left over center then right over center until many colors are woven into one strand, like braiding hair. A braided strand can be sewn into a variety of shapes and sizes. An outstanding example is:

C-313 Mocha/Frappuccino.

Since 1830 Braided Rugs have woven themselves into our hearts. They make a fine example of a craft evolving out of necessity into an art. Imagine when interior designers and upscale magazines alike began promoting Braided Rugs during the twentieth century creating a retro classic today. With a two hundred year heritage behind them, Braided Rugs simply can’t be wrong.

Flash forward to the twenty first century. Now, Earth Rugs® reinterprets this timeless classic with eco-friendly, eco-chic, jute fiber giving Braided Rugs a fresh new appeal. At Earth Rugs® we use the highest quality jute available for rug making in the world. If its casual elegance you’re looking for, look no further. Set the tone for new traditions to begin with Earth Rugs®. Todays home is made for them.

“Snug as a bug in a rug.”    Benjamin Franklin


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