OP-386 Mermaids

OP-386 Mermaids

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20"x30" Hand Stenciled Oval Patch Braided Rug

Artwork by Harry W. Smith

I watched my sister soar, to the world beyond our aquatic home; we both wanted to see how humans live. Today it was Cassandras turn. Her flowing blonde hair danced through the water, in her hand the magic star fish. Each minute seemed like an eternity, I prayed to Poseidon for her safe return. Daringly I advanced to where I saw her last. Upon a rock, feet dangling below the shoreline, I saw them, her and the prince together, his arm around her waist. She blew me a kiss as I lifted my head slightly above the surface; I heard her say, youre next sister, one more year. Youll love it!

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