OP-245 Mermaid

OP-245 Mermaid

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20"x30" Hand Stenciled Oval Patch Braided Rug

Artwork by Phyllis Stevens

Day dawns, the sun kisses the sea; golden shadows awaken this mermaid. Today is her 15th birthday; its time to ascend, view the world beyond her aquatic home, see how humans live. Her rise is swift, suns warmth touches her face; her eyes close. Her flowing blonde hair dances, in her hand the magic star fish, she keeps it close. Scared but feeling fiercely alive her eyes open, just as a young prince falls from the bow of a ship. She reels him to shore, places the star above his head, his eyes open, he kisses and embraces her; at once her tail becomes legs. She is human, she feels love.

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