OP-081 Pinecone Welcome Oval Patch Rug
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20"x30" Hand Stenciled Oval Patch Braided Rug

Sam and Jack walk these woods just as they have the past 15 years. It doesnt get old no matter how they grow. Each boy carries several large sacks, as one fills they stow it. Thru the years theyve added many intricate designs to their pine cone wreaths and cone cows. They tutor their brothers, sisters and cousins in this magical display Mother Nature provides for us, free of charge. Careful, dont miss the red berry seeds, Sam warns, Ive got it, Jack shouts. Back at the house they count cars, everyones here. Holiday aromas fill the air, hey pass the hot chocolate. Whos got the glue gun?

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OP-081 Pinecone Welcome Oval Patch Rug

OP-081 Pinecone Welcome Oval Patch Rug

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