OP-079 Welcome Loons Oval Patch Rug
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Artwork by: R.A. Guthrie

20"x30" Hand Stenciled Oval Patch Braided Rug

Artwork by R.A. Guthrie

The lake along the coastline is clear and warm just the way we like it. Todays lessons are many, especially how to hunt. Dont worry my little ones, just try it. Loons, like us, can hold our breath for 90 seconds or more underwater. Your pointed bills will help you secure nourishment but seriously watch your diet. If you get too big youll have trouble getting off the ground and into the air. Concentrate on swimming your webbed toes make you faster than most. Thats it, youve got it now. Move over Michael Phelps; make room for my Olympic champions!

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OP-079 Welcome Loons Oval Patch Rug

OP-079 Welcome Loons Oval Patch Rug

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