Can you keep a secret?  Promise not to tell?  I'm sitting on a Random Rug!  We never show our Random Rugs because they're so special.  No two are alike.  They are made of the same sweet grasses that I love.  Well, jute is kind of like a grass, I think that's why I love Earth Rugs so much.  All pets do, even cats.  Now, here's another surprise, my pack at Earth Rugs has come up with a brand new Pet Collection Booklet!  Someone said it's a lot of pages of stuff for pets and nothing but pets.  Please call and ask someone about our new Pet Collection Booklet.  Everyone will be delighted to share it with you!  Oh and, if you get a random rug, like mine, who'll be glad you did? The paws you love, of course!  We even have heart shapes for the paws you love.

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