Here are a few tips to live more simply and feel better each day:

1.  Be on time.  A friend once told me something I will never forget, being on time means arriving ten minutes early, being late is arriving on time with one exception, arriving for dinner at a friends house.  When arriving at a friends home for dinner, being on time means arriving ten minutes late.

2.  Write it down.  When forgetfulness becomes a pattern, make a To Do List, set an alarm or call yourself and leave a voicemail!  It works plus it keeps your mind free to be quiet and even creative.

3.  Keep your word.  If you mess up, fess up.  It helps keep your mind and your conscience clear.  It's easy to be straight forward and say no, if you cannot keep a commitment, even when it's because you have to walk your dog.  That is an important commitment you have made to yourself and your dog!  When you make a mistake, own it, say your sorry, send flowers if needed, for being late.  Be authentic, say what you mean, wisely.

4.  Organize things.  Every "thing" has a place and everything should be in its place (so you can find it when you need it).  Keep a container or basket for notes, such as pens, highlighters, scissors, a ruler, a pencil with an eraser and a ruler.  Keep it near the telephone if you have a land-line so you can reach for what you need for making great notes and maintaining lists.

5.  REMINDERS.  Don't walk out without it; help yourself remember to take what you intend to take with you by setting IT BY THE DOOR, the gift bag, the lunch sack, your list or whatever it is you need to carry with you should be placed in front of the door so you can't walk out without it.  A post-it note stuck on the door, at eye level for yourself or for someone else in your family to "remember" works too.  Post-It notes on mirrors in the bathroom are great for girls and post-it notes on the fridge are great for boys (it's the first place they will look when they come home)!

6.  Tank Up.  Try to keep your gas tank between half and full at all times.  It can be a weak spot that can easily make you late or trip you up in bad weather!  This one I've learned the hard way; ever walked home in the snow because you ran out of gas?  You never want this to happen with children or pets in the car.

7.  Key & Cash.  Two things to always carry in your wallet.  Have you ever locked yourself out of the house while rushing in disarray and yet, somehow you remembered to take your purse or your wallet?  My advice is to keep one loose key in the zip portion of your wallet and keep it zipped up.  When you need it; it will be there.  Some cash in your wallet can be handy in many situations, even a dollar helps when the grocer sends someone to your car to return their basket, unexpectedly.

8.  Turn Off & Tune Out.  Keep your peace of mind by turning off all screens and devices.  Its not just social media, its the news, the constant electronic phenomenon of modern living.  It is truly lovely to hear a birdsong, a windchime and the voice of the person in front of you or even the sound of silence.

9.  Clean your Closet.  Getting dressed in the morning sets the tone of your entire day.  If your closet is cluttered, you can't find what you need, you feel uncomfortable all day.  It's stressful to wear something that rides or binds at your arm, waist...if it no longer fits, say good-bye.  Someone else can enjoy it.  Hugger Hangers are a terrific way to save space in your closet!  Some people even organize their clothes by color to help them get ready quickly in the morning.  I like to lay out my clothes the night before, especially when I have an appointment in the morning.  It helps me be on time.

10.  Purchase Power.  Ask yourself, if you really need another pair of black shoes?  If not, wait seven days and ask yourself if you still want them.  Apply the same rule with members of your family  Many times, the thing is not what we want at all.  The power to walk away is very liberating.

Eliminate obstacles for yourself and for them; create a joyful path.  Embrace the moment by living simply.  And set some time aside for yourself to walk, read or simply relax.

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