Decorate Your Baby Room

Start with the floor and use a single design theme throughout the room.  We chose a rustic theme for our little girl.  We love this farmhouse feel!   The light streaming light into her room is a huge bonus.  Of course, we have a crib for her now.  Yet, we wanted to start with a bed she can grow up with, in a room of her own.  We chose white and painted the floor first, then came this rug.  It's perfect. The accents in pink are a natural with white and with the rug.  We want her crawling on a safe surface.  Jute is a natural fiber and we feel good about that.  We all agree the space is open, light and bright.  We're going for a feeling as much as a theme.  As she grows, she will choose her own theme and the design of her room will evolve.  We love the idea of keeping everything simple.  We're delighted with this rug because it's eco-friendly!


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