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Capitol Earth Rugs™
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Earth Rugs

The inception of Earth Rugs™ began in 1977 with Ed Back’s first trip to Bangladesh. Natural jute fiber rugs were being sold in the local market places. They were absolutely beautiful and he purchased a few for his home in Arkansas. Later, in l980, he ventured back to Bangladesh and placed his first commercial order. Thus began our long lasting relationship with Bangladesh and jute rugs. The perfect product for jute fiber is braided rugs. Since jute is a product of the earth, we named our braided rugs Earth Rugs™. Jute is a reed-like plant that grows in the wetlands of Bangladesh. It has been harvested and used for making textile products since civilization began 10,000 years ago. Jute fiber is strong, durable, beautiful and perfectly suited for making braided rugs. We know that innovation is the key to our success, so we have created many different variations of braided rugs using jute. We print braids, we patch braids into quilt patch braided rugs, and we braid jute into baskets! Our Random Braided Rugs are made with many different pieces of recycled jute braids. They are sewn together randomly like old-fashioned 19th century rag rugs, at prices that are down to earth! Walking on our jute braided rugs is as natural as walking on grass. At Earth Rugs™ we are proud of our creations and look forward to providing you with the most exciting braided rugs possible with impeccable service from our staff in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The natural choice!

Earth Rugs™ began in 1980 offering a unique line of eco-friendly rugs made from 100% natural jute fiber!

Our hallmark remains working with strong, luxurious jute fiber to create innovative, stylish and durable rugs. New distinctive braided table accents, braided baskets and braided totes are now available. Ours are the best braided rugs on earth!

Your satisfaction is our priority. We pledge to provide you the best quality and service possible. We want your experience with Capitol Earth Rugs™ to be delightful. Give us the opportunity to share our commitment of quality and service with you. Please contact us with any questions you may have about Earth Rugs™.


Rose Fitzhugh-Back brings more than twenty-five years of textile design to the world of braided rugs. Her work is enjoyed throughout the United States, Canada and Great Britain. From Colonial to Contemporary design, her textiles enhance living spaces in the beauty of their simplicity. It’s exciting for her to exchange ideas with an ever-increasing array of new artists!

Susan Burd is a self-taught folk art painter and designer. She has been painting for more that twenty years. Susan resides in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with her husband and best friend, Geoff, and their yellow lab, Jake. She sells her work in niche markets throughout the country and online. She derives great pleasure and inspiration from the history and beauty of the area in which she lives. To see more of her work, please visit: www.burdinhanddesigns.com

Sandy Lynam Clough creates beautifully realistic paintings and designs that can only be described as “Fresh-ditional”! They are both fresh and contemporary, yet her painting is fine art. This combination of fresh and traditional is uniquely Sandy Clough and appears on many licensed products and in gift books she has written and illustrated. Her career began with original paintings and limited and open edition prints. Now products featuring her art are available throughout the United States, and in Canada, Australia and Russia. Sandy’s art has been licensed for gift and home décor items that include tapestries, ceramic and glass table top, garden flags, kitchen textiles, stationery, framed art, calendars, paper tableware, recipe binders, quilt fabrics and much more. In 2010, Harvest House Publishers presented her with their Harvest Gold Award in recognition of 1,000,000 gift books sold. Sandy has authored and, or illustrated twenty-eight gift books.

Jan Coulter Harless began her artistic expression as a child, and over time, the doodles and sketches led her back to her favorite medium, oil painting. The beautiful mountain areas near Jan's north Georgia home provide inspiration, and oftentimes subjects, for her wildlife paintings. Without formal art instruction, Jan considers her work an emotional process, and she enjoys watching the unique personality and spirit of each animal develop as she paints what is best described as wildlife portraits.

R.A. Guthrie is a great American western artist from Montana. His artistic style and lifestyle are that of the rugged individualist. Rick works on one of the largest ranches in the Western United States where he is inspired by wildlife, working on the ranch and the environment that surrounds him in the wide, open spaces of nature. “The best inspiration I know of is to experience your art as a way of life, whether it’s sitting on the ranch house porch watching a family of whitetail cross the meadow or gather the fall cattle from the high country. I believe in order to create a good piece of art, regardless of the medium, it must come from your heart,” states Guthrie. His work have been displayed in the Nashville Museum, numerous galleries, fine gift and furniture stores, and national catalogs throughout the U.S.A. He is the quintessential American artist. To learn more about Rick, please visit his website: www.raguthriegalleries.com

Karl Johnson is America’s premier silhouette artist. His work has been featured in leading national publications including In Style, Martha Stewart Wedding, People Style Watch, Parenting, Elle Décor, USA Today, Country Home, and Ladies Home Journal among others. As his father’s apprentice Karl practiced silhouette art since his early childhood. His silhouettes are hand cut and he estimates he has cut hundreds of thousands of silhouette designs in his lifetime. His art hangs in the homes of many notable people around the world. To see his hand cut silhouette images, please visit: www.cutarts.com

Harry W. Smith is an artist, author, craftsman and designer. His works are in museums and private collections worldwide. Harry has had many shows throughout the United States and has written and illustrated several books. His intricate three dimensional sterling silver and gold creations are accented by hand carved precious stones. His detailed pieces of furniture in miniature are known globally and have been the subject of many books. Harry is one of America’s top traditional craftsmen selected by Early American Life. He and his wife, Marsha, collaborate on original designs for many nationally known companies. A love and respect of nature is reflected in their designs. Their home on the side of Mt. Battie overlooks Camden harbor and the coast of Maine. Paintings of the ocean, sailing vessels and wildlife have been the subject of some of Smith’s books. Moxie, their Maine coon cat, resides in the studio and models occasionally. Examples of his work can be found online: www.harrywsmith.com

Inspiration surrounds Phyllis Stevens and the old stone farmhouse where she lives and works in rural Pennsylvania. She finds inspiration in the delicate wildflowers she collects on nature trails, in the warm colors of the woods in autumn and in meals shared around the dinner table with her grandchildren. She loves the creative challenge of translating what she sees and feels into art that warms the homes and hearts of others.

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